Increasing opportunities for all Nova Scotians to participate in sport.

In its first six months reSPORT launched and/or fostered nine prototypes, each designed to gather learning. These prototypes tackle gaps in the sport system in a new and innovative way, with equity at their core. At the same time, reSPORT has worked to build leadership capacity to drive positive culture change and increase connections and collaboration among stakeholders and communities. One key element of the work is evaluation. reSPORT has been driving participatory research and evaluation to support learning and demonstrate impact.

If we want a sport system that is truly accessible and inclusive for all, then input and ideas from all are crucial. During 2017-18 a series of province-wide consultations, interviews and open-invitation community leadership forums across the sport sector were designed to engage Nova Scotians like never before. The largest event in July 2018 attracted nearly 300 sport stakeholders and travel was subsidized for those attending from outside Halifax.  It is the culmination of that collective input, designed to ask, “How can we be better?” that resulted in the formation of a movement called reSPORT. Its mission is to transform the nature of sport for all in Nova Scotia to be more equitable, by further embedding the values of access, inclusion, community and belonging.

The work, sponsored by a collaboration between Sport Nova Scotia, the department of Communities, Culture and Heritage, and the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic, has clear objectives:

To build leadership capacity to drive positive culture change;

To develop strategies through prototyping that are tested, recommended, and implemented for sport and recreation system change;

To increase connections and collaborations among stakeholders within the sport and recreation system;

To provide and promote opportunities to engage and build relationships across sectors and among communities;

To drive participatory research and evaluation to support learning and demonstrate impact;

To illuminate and learn from the innovative work already happening.

Building a network of contacts for persons with disabilities was a critical part of bringing more parasport opportunities to communities.

Sport Nova Scotia leveraged social media including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to promote parasport around the province.


There were 150 initiatives across the province where the regional sport coordinators were involved in partnership tables and collaboration with sport organizations to increase participation of those populations that currently do not participate in the sport system.

Through our PSO (provincial sport organization) Administrative Coordinator program and our Community Coordinator program we have a direct impact on sport at various levels across the province. The programs continued to be vital to building sport across the province; whether it is acquiring new sources of funding or working to implement new programs, these initiatives are impacting sport in Nova Scotia. Some highlights from the program include:

Row NS had their most successful racing season in memory with the increase in organizational, administrative and financial support.

Karate NS and Row NS continue to see steady growth in numbers indicated by both sports becoming eligible for funded staff through the Technical Leadership Employment Program.

Cross Country Ski NS made significant improvements to their administrative operations which is already showing signs of being more effective. The new model has resulted in almost 50% savings in administration costs with a much more professional administrative system.

CCNS hired a communications officer to lead the website and all social media communications, resulting in increased social media that has had a tangible impact on increased participation in events, increased membership in CCNS clubs and increased fundraising capacity.

Rugby NS took a stride forward leveraging increased local interest in the sport to assist in hosting multiple international rugby events, helping to enhance an already diversified participation base.

Boxing NS has put governance at the forefront of their priorities following the Sport Development Tool. Local boxers also excelled on the national and international stage, culminating in 12 medals won at the 2019 Boxing Canada Nationals in April.

Wrestling NS won one gold medal, five silvers, and one bronze at U17/U19 Nationals and the teams placed third in U17 Women’s Greco, fifth in both U19 Men’s Greco and U19 Women’s Greco, and 6th in both U19 Men’s Freestyle and U17 Men’s Greco 62.

Archery NS successfully hosted 250+ athletes at the Canadian Archery Championships in Truro, NS for target, field & 3D. Nova Scotia also hosted 80+ participants in the 2018 National Archery in Schools Program (NASP) Provincials.

Judo NS saw the successful re-opening of Nova United Martial Arts (NUMA), after the club having closed its doors in December 2016. NUMA was one of Nova Scotia’s largest clubs and was well known for its NUMA Cup tournament.

Photo credit – Lyndsay Doyle

Community Sport Development continued to have an impact.

The multisport movement continues in Nova Scotia. There are now 12 multisport programs running across the province. These programs provide young Nova Scotians the opportunity to build fundamental movement skills in a safe and supportive environment while experiencing a wide variety of sports. The multiport program is also a key opportunity to educate parents; guardians and coaches on the value of a LTAD-aligned sport system. In addition, one Adult Multisport program was introduced to engage adults to be more active in sport.

We worked with provincial sport organizations on a day-to-day basis to support them with numerous programs and services, all in an effort to promote sport in this province.

We worked with provincial sport organizations on a day-to-day basis to support them with numerous programs and services, all in an effort to promote sport in this province.

Sport Quarterly remains an important print publication for sharing and celebrating stories around sport. This printed tabloid was shared with Nova Scotians via targeted delivery from Canada Post.

Our traditional sport recognition programs, Cleve’s Source for Sports Athlete of the Month and the Support4Sport Awards, celebrated sporting success and gave us the opportunity to inspire Nova Scotians. Digital versions of all articles are also shared through Sport Nova Scotia social channels.