We believe in the power of sport.

Here are just a few of the many highlights where sport was used as a vehicle to create a positive impact on communities across Nova Scotia over the past year.

reSPORT has taken significant steps forward this year. The focus over the past number of months has been developing tools to communicate and educate the sport community about reSPORT and generate ideas to test and learn from. Resportns.ca is now live, and the team is ready to deliver workshops with groups around the province.

There are now 12 multisport programs running across the province. These programs provide young Nova Scotians with the opportunity to build fundamental movement skills in a safe and supportive environment while experiencing a variety of sports.

Sledge hockey grew from three to five minor programs and 15 volunteers completed a sledge coaching course. Wheelchair tennis and sitting volleyball both have weekly programming, Bicycle NS developed a para try-a-ride program, and powerchair soccer is now available at the Zatzman Sportsplex.

Early this year, Sport Nova Scotia created a safe sport leadership role. The new position was one of the first of its kind in Canada with the purpose of preventing maltreatment in sport as well as creating welcoming and inclusive sport and recreation environments.

We partnered with businesses and other non-profits for worthy initiatives including supporting thousands of athletes across the province through the Support4Sport program.

More than 200 Nova Scotian athletes, coaches, and officials were celebrated for their achievements in sport at the Support4Sport Awards.

We invested in over 55 provincial sport organizations in the form of financial assistance and supports across four main categories: participation, high performance, coaching, and organizational effectiveness.

From the CEO.

The 2019-2020 year began with the continued implementation of our newly developed strategic plan, with a new exciting focus on increasing the impact of sport to a broader spectrum of communities across the Province, both within and outside of our membership structure.  At the very end of the year, our focus was, of course, shifted to deal with the on-going impacts of COVID-19, a focus that continues now.  Although in normal circumstances this report would be primarily focused on events from 2019-2020 fiscal, it is important to include the impact of COVID-19 in this report, and so it will be addressed.

As you’ll see within the pages of this report for the majority of the year, we worked to increase our reach and partnerships and to consider new and innovative ways of engaging more Nova Scotians in sport.  Our reSPORT program continues to work with this goal in mind, looking at pilot projects that could translate into broader initiatives across the province.

Additionally, we had success with many of our programs and services, with continued efforts to expand capacity in areas such as information technology, organizational effectiveness, as well as community and provincial sport participation and access, in cooperation with our partners and membership.  We were very pleased with the success of many of our programs and those of our members.  We would like to note that our KidSport program once again reached a record number (2,435) of children and was able to provide $680,216 funding so youth would have the chance to take part in sport. We are very thankful that the provincial government continued their support of this program as our largest KidSport funding partner; allowing this program to exist in the current state of growth.

We would also like to thank the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation for our Support4Sport program, which continues to be the largest sport funding program in Nova Scotia, and impacts every part of the sport system.  We are proud of our continued relationship with them, and of course very grateful.  We are also very fortunate to be able to thank our other partners and sponsors, Dairy Farmers of Canada, Subway, SaltWire, Bell Media, Manulife, Scotiabank, and D’Costa Marketing. Their contributions are vital for so much of the work that we do.

At the end of the fiscal year and onward, our province has dealt with unprecedented events, including COVID-19.  Our hearts go out to everyone who has been impacted by these events.  Through a sport lens, these past months have helped illustrate how important sport is to Nova Scotians, and the passion we share for our sporting activities.  We are very lucky to have partners like the provincial government and the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic, with who we worked very closely to determine how we might best support our sport groups during this time.

That work continues now. We have been truly impressed by the efforts of our partners, and our provincial sport organizations, to make sure that sport can return safely across our province. The significant and extremely innovative work that has been done through a very challenging time has highlighted the dedication, perseverance, and passion of our members, and we’re extremely grateful.

We also have to thank our own staff for all they have done during this time. Their ability to pivot to adjust and to re-imagine programs and initiatives and the way that they have adapted in order to meet the needs of our sport groups has truly been impressive.

Finally, our Sport NS volunteer board has continued to provide guidance and leadership to ensure we head in the right direction during a very fluid time, and we are very thankful to all of them. We know that there are many challenges that remain, and there will likely be some that we are not aware of yet.  However, given the way we’ve seen our sport sector react, we know that we’ll continue to work together, with a commitment to ensuring sport returns across our province for all Nova Scotians, safely. The work you have all done has already demonstrated we can do that. Thank you all so much.


Respectfully Submitted,

Jamie Ferguson
Sport Nova Scotia