Memberships ($8900)

Sales/Service ($179,785)

Prov. Government ($330,000)

Administrative Centre

Sport Nova Scotia operates numerous administrative services that are available to our members such as printing, mail and courier, computer networking, telecommunication, office space, meeting facilities, equipment rentals, desktop publishing, financial services, and general administrative services.

Sport Nova Scotia is contracted by the provincial government to provide administrative support to provincial sport and recreation organizations. Sport Nova Scotia provides subsidized services to active and associate members, as well as recreation organizations approved by the provincial government. In the fiscal period 2017 – 2018, 72 organizations were eligible for subsidies. The pie charts to the left show the sources of revenue for the Administrative Centre.

The policy of Sport Nova Scotia is that costs associated with operating the Administrative Centre will be set at a level that ensures the operations of the centre, at a minimum, break even; a surplus will be used for the purpose of providing administrative services. In fiscal period 2017 – 2018, the Administrative Centre realized a surplus of $12,528 that will be added to the accumulated surplus.

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